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Transporting a sit-on-top boat can be quite challenging due to the large width and often heavier weight associated with this style of Paddle craft. We set out to create a unique sit-on-top cart that was universal in application and robust enough to cater to the large range of boats that fit within this category. The patent-pending design features tapered cones that fit snugly into a broad range of scupper hole sizes while also reducing side-to-side movement of your cart during towing. Furthermore, we’ve added a variable width axle design with a heavy duty quick release clamp that will fit most recreational sit-on-tops.
Designed for:Sit-on-top Kayaks
Material: Oversize alloy tubing and welded construction
Wheels:All-terrain solid wheels
Weight: 8 lbs.

If you need help with this item visit this page Sit-on-Top Cart Instructions.

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