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Power-Pole Micro Anchor


Nothing gets you closer to the fish than your small craft. And nothing anchors you better than a Power-Pole made just for your vessel. Enter the MICRO Anchor. This all-new, all-electric wonder is the first of its kind—a super-compact powerhouse that was built to give you the ultimate shallow water fishing experience.

Power-Pole Micro Anchor Spike 8.5 ft


Spike is 3/4" diameter 8.5ft spike for Power-Pole Micro anchor. Top includes 1/4"-20 thread socket. Constructed of durable fiberglass composite.

Power-Pole Micro Anchor Clamp Bracket


Attaches to boat, transom, deck, gunwale, etc. Allows Micro to be attached without bolting direct to boat. Allows Micro to be used on multiple boats/kayaks.

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8 Item(s)
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